After School Bush Rangers

In partnership with the Conservation Volunteers Australia Earth Assist Team, our school Bush Ranger Cadets proudly completed a large amount of environmental conservation work in our community. The cadets planted a large number of trees at South Beach and Booragoon Lake.

One of the highlights this year was the Bush Ranger Leaders camp to Coral Bay. Staff and students found the long trip to Coral Bay very worthwhile, enjoying the sights and scenery along the way. Students thoroughly enjoyed new experiences and activities such as snorkeling in the ocean. Staff were very impressed with the way students managed being a long way from home and how they behaved and conducted themselves throughout the camp.

This year, with a focus on conservation, students have been involved in projects relating to bees. The students learned about the importance of bees for creating honey and pollinating a variety of plants, enhancing biodiversity. Some of the projects that the students have worked on are:

  • Bee / insect homes made from recycled timber
  • Seed packets to encourage bees to visit, by increasing flowers
  • Bee decorations made from collected gumnuts and sticks
  • Reusable sandwich and jar wraps made from fabric and bees wax