As our curriculum is designed to give our students wide ranging experiences with a life skill emphasis it is important that much of the learning takes place in the community. As much as possible we use public transport to access these opportunities so that the students gain valuable protective behaviour, orientation and mobility training.

Leeming ESC has its own bus if public transport is not available or to use in case of emergencies. A number of the staff are qualified to drive larger buses if necessary to transport large groups of students.

Participating in off site activities plays an important role in preparing our students for leaving school. The amount of time that students spend completing activities off site increases as the students move up through the school. Initially in year 8 the students complete functional literacy and numeracy work in the local shopping centres. By year 12 the students spend 1 or 2 days in work placements and one day in the community. Upper school students may also be provided with courses where they go to TAFE one day per week. The aim is to give our students a seamless transition into post school life by allowing them as many real life experiences as possible.