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SPPS main_0006_Layer 15Leeming SHS Education Support Centre (ESC) located in Perth, Western Australia, offers a comprehensive curriculum designed for adolescent students with special educational needs. We embrace our motto of being a ‘Happy and Effective” school.

Our unique Curriculum is focused on making our students the ‘best they can be’. Life skill development is a priority with an emphasis on developing the student’s social, emotional and skill level ready for work and life beyond school. The Focus Areas of our Curriculum are: Independent Living; Career Education and Leisure and Recreation. Each of these three areas has been linked to the new Australian Curriculum through the Seven General Capabilities and the three Cross Curricula Priorities.

Our students participate in a variety of learning programs organised around these Focus Areas. Parents meet with their child’s teacher to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) specific to the needs of their child.  At Leeming SHS ESC we are committed to developing in each student the ability to function as independently as possible in their school, in their community, in their home and in their future workplace. Honesty and integrity, self respect, respect for others and personal responsibility are the core values that underpin Leeming SHS ESC.