School Board

School Board’s role is to work with the principal to determine school direction, to identify and implement priorities, and to provide the best blend of educational opportunities for students at the school. School Board is all about improving all aspects of the school, and trying to make the school as good as it can possibly be.

There is a combination of parents, community representatives and school staff on the Board. The principal is always a member, and the rest of the board members are elected for three year terms. When a member’s child leaves the Centre or they retire from the board new members can nominate. If more than the required number of parents nominate then the principal will call an election. If there are no nominations then the principal may ask a parent if they would like to be a member of the School Board.

The board usually meets twice a term. There is a formal agenda with the principal running the meeting. All members have equal rights to discuss issues, and have equal voting rights. Meetings are held in the afternoon and last approximately two hours. Meetings are usually held at school though some are held at other local venues.

Beginning board members are involved in an induction program, so that they get a general overview of school operations and board procedures. New members need only bring with them lots of enthusiasm, a preparedness to work for the betterment of the school, and a team ethic – everything else can be learned along the way.

School Board Members

Board Meeting Minutes