Literacy Program

All students across years 7 to 9 are engaged in daily intensive literacy programs; implementing Direct Instruction (DI) programs and balanced literacy “4-Blocks” approach to ensure the most comprehensive program delivery is achieved. Programs and goals are closely aligned with the West Australian Curriculum from ABLEWA stage A to year 9.

SRA Direct Instruction (DI)

Direct Instruction delivers a learning experience proven to transform students of all ability levels into highly skilled and confident learners. DI curricula provides educators the instructional framework and resources required to meet and even surpass school achievement and improvement objectives. The research conclusively shows that Direct Instruction is more effective than other reading programs and that the positive effects persist through high school. This growth occurs with students of all ability levels and social backgrounds. Students exposed to DI also have greater self-esteem and self-confidence than students in other programs. This scaffolded approach ensures that the students experience regular success through frequent feedback. A range of DI Reading programs are run four days a week for 45 minutes, targeting identified areas of need in small, highly supported groups.

4-Blocks Literacy

4 Blocks is a comprehensive instructional method which is informed by contemporary neurological learning research. It offers a framework for classroom application of comprehensive literacy instruction, practical literacy strategies, utilises AAC systems, built-in assessment methodology, research demonstrating efficacy and is inclusive for all learners. 4 Blocks is not a prescriptive curriculum but gives a framework, strategies and process for how to teach reading and writing to any learner. The 4 Blocks are interrelated – what is learned in one block is applied in other blocks. The 4 Blocks are comprised of Self Directed Reading, Guided Reading, Working With Words and Writing and are implemented in a cross-curricular approach embedding literacy development in daily learning activities.