Numeracy Program

All students across years 7 to 9 are engaged in daily numeracy programs; implementing explicit teaching models for delivery of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Utilising the WA Curriculum ABLEWA scope and sequence, Leeming SHS ESC has developed a targeted numeracy program. Teachers reviewed research and evidence based instruction, with a particular focus on practical mathematical application in time, money and measurement.

Clarke Road Money Program

The renowned Clarke Road Money Program is a money management program that supports learners to independently manage money. In response to the need for a functional money skills program which would provide the final step towards competent community participation, the Clarke Road Money Program was developed and trialled by practising teachers.

Top Ten Maths Package

Top Ten was founded by Australian teachers and numeracy leaders. Program Units were trialled in pilot schools to determine efficacy. Each mastery-oriented unit uses visual and kinaesthetic learning, as well as literacy and STEM hooks to capture all types of learners. Lessons are linked to the WA curriculum.