Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program that teaches students skills and strategies to identify, respond to and seek assistance in a range of unsafe situations. Protective Behaviours is a life skills and personal safety program. The aim is to strengthen the resilience of adolescents as they grow and develop. It focuses on developing essential life skills and strategies to recognise and appropriately manage a wide range of potentially unsafe situations.

The Protective Behaviours Program has two core themes;

  1. We all have the right to feel safe at all times.
  2. We can talk about anything with someone, no matter what it is.

Within the core themes there are key concepts of;

  1. Feelings and Feeling safe/Feeling unsafe
  2. Early warning signs
  3. Safety continuum and problem solving
  4. Safe surprises and unsafe secrets
  5. Networks
  6. Persistence
  7. Body awareness and Body ownership, Public and Private
  8. Personal space
  9. Assertiveness

Leeming SHS ESC has developed a customised scope and sequence from years 7 to 12; differentiating learning across the years for all learners. Utilizing resources from SECCA, People 1st and SoSafe, teachers develop a comprehensive program to meet the individual needs of their students. Protective Behaviours has been prioritised to ensure school wide delivery through timetabling and regular professional learning for staff, to maintain consistency.