Year 10 Curriculum

Year 10 is the transition year from middle to senior schooling; students are introduced to work experience through supported programs and are equipped with the preliminary skills required for work in the wider world. All students in Year 10 will be enrolled in a combination of endorsed programs through the Secondary Curriculum Standards Authority and School Developed Programs. Option subjects change annually and they are offered through both Leeming ESC, and Leeming SHS to provide your child with an exciting and engaging program of study.


Courses Descriptors

Preliminary Unit 1

English Preliminary Unit 1 is endorsed through the Secondary Curriculum Standards Authority. This course focuses on the fundamental skills that support language use. Language plays a central role in human life: it provides a vehicle for communication and independence. The course recognises the diversity of the student population and builds on students’ knowledge of how language works and how to use language in a variety of forms and situations. Students develop skills to communicate and respond to ideas, feelings and attitudes and to interact effectively with others.


The focus for this unit is independence. Students develop and apply language skills within their family, school, social and community contexts. 


Preliminary Unit 1

Mathematics Preliminary Unit 1 is endorsed through the Secondary Curriculum Standards Authority. This course focuses on the practical application of knowledge, skills and understandings to a range of environments that will be accessed by students with special education needs. The main emphasis is on developing a student’s understanding of the mathematics concepts that they need in order to make sense of, and to be able to function as independently as possible within their home, community and work environments.  This course provides the opportunity for students to prepare for post-school options of employment and further training.

In this unit, students use whole numbers for purposes to meet their daily needs, including money matters and reading the time.

Health and Physical Education

Preliminary Unit 1 and Unit 2

The course focuses on providing students with opportunities to enhance their health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to strengthen their sense of self as well as build and maintain satisfying relationships. The course assists with their development of resilience, decision making and taking actions to promote their health, safety and physical activity participation. Opportunities are provided for students to use resources for themselves and the communities with which they identify and to which they belong.

Unit 1
This unit focuses on developing fundamental movement skills, concepts and safety rules related to physical activity. It introduces basic concepts of health and protective behaviours

Unit 2
This unit focuses on developing fundamental movement skills, concepts and safety rules related to physical activity. It builds on developing and maintaining positive health behaviours and provides strategies for harm minimisation.

Bush Rangers

Level 1

Bush Rangers Western Australia has operated as part of the State Government’s Cadets WA program since 1998. The program fosters confidence in life skills such as leadership and teamwork, and an ethic for conservation community service. Students engage in a variety of activities over Years 10 – 12 including conservation field trips, incursions, camps and modules of learning activities.
Work Studies

ASDAN Workright

Workright provides a framework to develop a range of transferable employability skills in preparation for work experience in Term 4. ASDAN Workright is  prerequisite to the ADWPL course which students will undertake in Years 11 – 12.
Community Based Learning Community Based Learning is a school developed subject which focuses on providing students with the necessary skills to navigate their community safely. Students will participate in activities to develop their use of public transport, road awareness, orientation and protective behaviours to access services, products and support within the wider community.
Person Centred Planning

ASDAN Towards Independence: Knowing about yourself

The aim of this module is for your child to develop a knowledge and understanding of themselves, the things they do, the things they like and dislike in various settings and their personal qualities and attributes. Through participating in this program, students begin to develop their core skills to self-advocate as a key goal for future independence.
Protective Behaviours

ASDAN Towards Independence: E Safety

ASDAN Award Programs blend activity-based curriculum enrichment with a framework for the development, assessment and accreditation of key skills and other personal and social skills, with emphasis on rewarding achievement. Through participating in this program, students will learn how to keep their personal information safe when accessing technology, safe social networking practises, cyberbullying and sexting.
Protective Behaviours Protective Behaviours is a school developed program from Years 7 – 12. Students in Year 10 focus on two key concepts: we all have the right to feel safe at all times and we can talk with someone about anything no matter what it is. The program aims to teach students self-awareness, develop understanding of rights and responsibilities, recognise safe people and safe places in their lives, and understand that feelings differ between people and situations.