Creating a place where people feel welcome

Leeming SHS Education Support Centre focuses on having a happy school community where learning is hands-on and life skill based. We have designed a curriculum that gives our students the opportunity to ‘shine’, by challenging them to try new activities.

Our curriculum is aimed at preparing our students socially, emotionally and with work skills in readiness to take a productive role in society. Learning about work commences in year 8 and culminates in year 13 with many of our students having a work/school program in this final year.

Our school community has created a place where people feel welcome and enthusiasm, initiative and a positive attitude are fostered and applauded. At our school we encourage everyone to ’have a go’, and through our school philosophy of valuing innovation and change we have developed a flexible and dynamic program that can be molded to meet the needs of individual students.

We love having visitors as this is an opportunity for us to ‘showcase’ and perhaps ‘brag’ a little about our wonderful school.