Aboriginal Education

Incorporating Aboriginal Culture and History in all learning areas

Leeming SHS ESC endeavours to create a “culturally responsive school that has a strong ethos based on respecting and valuing diversity” and to “close the gap in the education achievements of Aboriginal students” within our school context (Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework DoE).

Throughout years 7–12, students participate in cross-curricular programs in all learning areas, incorporating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.  The purpose is to ensure that Aboriginal histories, languages and cultures are respected and valued by all students. These programmes raise awareness about Aboriginal histories, cultures and languages and as a school, we will translate this awareness into culturally responsive actions. These programs directly link to Western Australian Curriculum outcomes, specifically in the HASS learning area, and the Bush Ranger Cadet program.

Aboriginal Education at Leeming SHS ESC creates links and builds partnerships with local Aboriginal organisations and community members. Opportunities and resources are identified to provide relevant and timely support for individual students and families.

Leeming SHS ESC staff have made a commitment to deepen their understandings about Aboriginal histories, peoples, cultures and languages, including the local and national contexts.


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