Protective Behaviours

Learn life skills and personal safety with our Protective Behaviours Program

All students are engaged in Protective Behaviours, which is a life skill and personal safety program. The purpose of the program is to teach all students individualised skills and strategies to identify, respond to and seek assistance in a range of unsafe situations, as well as strengthen the resilience of adolescents as they grow and develop.

Leeming SHS ESC teachers have been trained in using explicit SoSAFE language and delivering the program within the classroom. The SoSAFE program and SECCA app support teaching Protective Behaviours. The explicit rule-based format allows students to respond appropriately to “early warning signs”. Students are explicitly taught the terms ‘Consent’ and ‘No Consent’ in day to day life situations.

The Protective Behaviours program has two core themes:

  • We all have the right to feel safe at all times.
  • We can talk about anything with someone, no matter what it is.

Within the core themes, there are key concepts of:

  • Feelings and Feeling safe/Feeling unsafe
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Early warning signs
  • Safety continuum and problem-solving
  • Safe surprises and unsafe secrets
  • Networks
  • Persistence
  • Body awareness and Body ownership, Public and Private
  • Personal space
  • Consent
  • Assertiveness


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