Middle School Programmes

Literacy Programmes

All students across Years 7-9 are engaged in daily intensive Literacy Programmes; implementing a Direct Instruction (DI) Reading program and Comprehensive Literacy program to cater for all individual abilities and needs across the Middle School.

Numeracy Programmes 

All students across years 7 to 9 are engaged in daily numeracy programs with teachers implementing explicit teaching models for the delivery of numeracy.

HASS & Science

All students across Years 7 to 9 are engaged in a Humanities & Social Sciences as well as Science programmes taught by all classroom teachers.


ASDAN programmes and qualifications blend activity-based curriculum enrichment with a framework for the development, assessment and accreditation of key skills and other personal and social skills, with emphasis on negotiation, co-operation and rewarding achievement.

Aboriginal Education 

Leeming SHS ESC endeavours to create a “culturally responsive school that has a strong ethos based on respecting and valuing diversity” and to “close the gap in the education achievements of Aboriginal students” within our school context (Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework DoE).


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