Positive Behaviour Support

USTAR values are part of everything we do

  In the classroom In the school In the community


Connecting with your class
– Actively engage in all lessons
– Stay on task
– Follow instructions
– Be tolerant of others
– Voice your ideas respectfully
Connecting with the school
– Accept and include others in activities
– Accept cultural differences
– Wear correct uniforms
Connecting with the community
– Engage in community activities
– Actively participate in every opportunity
– Care for the environment


Make positive choices
– Be organised for lessons
– Look for solutions
– Be honest
– Demonstrate healthy hygiene habits
– Private action in private places
– Demonstrate a growth mindset
– Be aware of your feelings and express them appropriately (Zones of Regulation)
Have a go
– Be sun smart
– Transition quietly around the school
– Follow procedures for different areas of the school
Show independence
– Listen to instructions from staff
– Know and follow community rules
– Be responsible for your own belongings
– Wear PPE and uniforms as required


Work together and accept differences
– Be positive
– Be flexible
– Take turns
– Share
– Co-operate and collaborate
– Be a positive role model
– Assist and guide others

Demonstrate sportsmanship
– Follow games rules
– Show game etiquette
Work together in the community
– Stay with your group
– Recognise and approach safe community members with safety concerns


Always do your best
– Be punctual
– Be prepared
– Follow class rules
– Listen to and act on feedback
– Can do attitude
Have a go
– Actively participate in activities
– Set goals and work towards achieving them
Show independence
– Speak politely (please, thank you, excuse me)
– Follow public transport etiquette


Consider yourself
– Demonstrate whole body listening
– Be kind to yourself and others
– Be respectful of your own and other people’s property
– Use “So Safe” language
Consider Others
– Respect other’s personal space
– Keep all body parts to yourself
– Respect school property and facilities
Be courteous and considerate
– Use appropriate language/volume
– Follow instructions at WPL and CBL
– Be accepting of others cultures
– Be respectful of community space, resources and equipment
– Follow “So Safe” protocols



Leeming ESC is a group of committed, hard working staff, students who have an amazing sense of wonder in all that is done with them, appreciative parents and a host school that is truly inclusive. If you are interested in enrolling your child at our school please book an information session below or phone us on 92376870.