About Us

Vision & Values


Inspiring minds to Shine

Our mission is to inspire minds to shine by empowering individuals to find their strengths, build resilience and shine.


A warm welcoming and connected community

Our vision is to be known as a warm, welcoming and connected community, recognised for our innovative programs and excellent school – to –community transition.


Building Bright Futures

Our purpose is ‘build bright futures’ for our students by empowering them to reach their full potential and become active members of the community.








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Our Staff


Our staff are a dynamic, committed team who are passionate about working with students of varying abilities. We currently have 18 teachers and 50 level three education assistants. Each class has a teacher and two to four education assistants assigned to it.

The staff at Leeming ESC come from a broad range of industry backgrounds which has led to the development of a very adaptable, flexible and supportive team who have skills and knowledge that enhance our students opportunities. We have staff members with backgrounds in horticulture, psychology, disability support, police, art, music, sport, transport and many more.

Keran Davies Principal keran.davies1@education.wa.edu.au
Evelyn Riley Deputy Principal evelyn.riley@education.wa.edu.au
Kerryn Coles Deputy Principal kerryn.coles@education.wa.edu.au
Cathy Houden Student Services Manager catherine.houden@education.wa.edu.au
Carol Rodoreda Manager Corporate Services carol.rodoreda@education.wa.edu.au
Louisa Franceschini -Pill Transition & Pathways Coordinator louisa.franceschini@education.wa.edu.au
Voin Zivkovic VET Coordinator voin.zivkovic@education.wa.edu.au
Sarah Lomax WPL Coordinator sarah.lomax@education.wa.edu.au
Annette Morrison School Officer WPL annette.morrison@education.wa.edu.au
Cara Barbato School Officer WPL cara.barbato@education.wa.edu.au
Lee Smith School Officer Reception/Finance leonie.smith@education.wa.edu.au
Lisa Valentine School Officer Marketing/Admin lisa.valentine@education.wa.edu.au
Vangi Evangeli Chaplain evangelia.evangeli@education.wa.edu.au

Teaching Staff

Endurance Enoma Year 7.1 endurance.enoma@education.wa.edu.au
Amber Blackburn Year 7.2 amber.blackburn@education.wa.edu.au
Emma Gage Year 7.3 emma.gage2@education.wa.edu.au
Vicki Chambers Year 8.1 vicki.chambers@education.wa.edu.au
Lorraine Vann Year 8.2 lorraine.vann@education.wa.edu.au
Caitlyn Knox Year 8.3 caitlyn.rasmussen@education.wa.edu.au
Angelo Calasse Year 9.1 angelo.calasse@education.wa.edu.au
Jack Drennan Year 9.2 jack.drennan@education.wa.edu.au
Deepika Khosla Year 9.3 deepika.khosla@education.wa.edu.au
Dallas Holdsworth Year 10.1 dallas.holdsworth@education.wa.edu.au
Poonam Parwani Year 10.2 poonam.parwani@education.wa.edu.au
Sophie Arndt Year 10.3 sophie.arndt@education.wa.edu.au
Lachlan Frewer Year 11.1 lachlan.frewer@education.wa.edu.au
Rebecca Pumfrey Year 11.2  
Tammy Megrail Year 11.3 tammy.megrail@education.wa.edu.au
Danielle Brennan Year 12 danielle.brennan@education.wa.edu.au
Jenelle Heard Physical Education jenelle.heard@education.wa.edu.au
Jenna Allomes Physical Education jenna.allomes@education.wa.edu.au


Education Assistants

Leeming SHS ESC has a dedicated team of education assistants who support students with their educational and social developmental needs as well as promoting a safe and secure learning environment. They build positive relationships and learning experiences, supporting students to reach their potential.


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