Literacy Programmes

Leeming ESC Direct Instruction & Comprehensive Literacy Programmes

All students across years 7-9 are engaged in daily intensive literacy programmes with teachers implementing a Direct Instruction (DI) Reading program and Comprehensive Literacy program to cater for all individual abilities and needs across the middle school. The DI and Comprehensive Literacy programmes are closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and target all English strands; Language, Literature and Literacy.

The DI Reading program provides teachers with assessment, an instructional framework and the resources required to support students at a range of levels into becoming skilled and confident readers.

The Comprehensive Literacy program gives students the opportunity to develop reading and writing skills they need to reach their potential. Comprehensive Literacy is delivered by all teachers within the classroom, and by a specialist Emergent Literacy teacher. It offers a framework, strategies and process to teach reading and writing to learners with a focus on Directed Reading, Guided Reading, Working with Words and Writing.


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