Bush Rangers

Bush Ranger Program

The Bush Ranger Cadet Program is a collaboration between local community organisations, The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Leeming ESC. There are 10 modules that all of the students in the Centre are exposed to over their years at Leeming ESC. These form part of our integrated curriculum with a focus on Science and HASS, developing an appreciation for the environment and the role the student plays in protecting the environment.
There are school expectations for all staff who chose to work at Leeming as this cadet program is a compulsory Learning Area for our students.
These include:

  1. Teaching the modules as determined in the yearly schedule
  2. Assessing the student achievement and producing a Bush Ranger file for moderation.
  3. Wearing the Bush Ranger uniform for Bush Ranger activities, which includes once per week on the assigned day. The shirts are provided by the school.

The cadet program has been operating at Leeming ESC since 2012 and has been successful because of the commitment and hard work of many of the staff. It provides our students with the opportunity to be productive, valued members of the community, teaches work skills and an experience at volunteering.
Bush Ranger Cadets is an important part of the fabric of our school and is enriched by the introduction of new staff with dynamic ideas.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at our school please book an information session below.