Our staff are a dynamic, committed team who are passionate about working with students of varying abilities. We currently have 18 teachers and 50 level three education assistants. Each class has a teacher and two to four education assistants assigned to it. When there is the possibility of an OHS risk additional education assistants may be allocated to the group, for example, home economics and design and technology.

Student safety is always paramount, though staff are aware of the dangers of creating ‘learned helplessness’ (Giangrecco) in students through over supporting them. Our aim is to provide our students with as many opportunities for independence as possible across a number of settings.

These settings include: work placements, community service projects, shopping programs, transport training and many others that cover the Curriculum Focus areas – Independent Living, Career Education and Leisure and Recreation.

The staff at Leeming ESC come from a broad range of industry backgrounds which has led to the development of a very adaptable, flexible and supportive team who have skills and knowledge that enhance our students opportunities. We have staff members with backgrounds in horticulture, retail, art, music, sport, recreation, psychology, disability support, police, transport, book-keeping and many more.

Keran Davies Principal
Evelyn Riley Deputy Principal
Kerryn Coles Deputy Principal
Cathy Houden Student Services Manager
Carol Rodoreda Manager Corporate Services
Vangi Evangeli Chaplain
Voin Zivkovic VET Coordinator
Sarah Lomax WPL Coordinator
Annette Morrison School Officer WPL
Cara Barbato School Officer WPL
Lee Smith  School Officer
Tarryn Fraser School Officer

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